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Our Story

The Barnett Company is a fourth generation family owned and operated promotional marketing company. We have called  Baton Rouge, Louisiana home for generations but our clients stretch to all fifty states and beyond. We at The Barnett Company understand the unique challenge of marketing your brand in order to stand out from the crowd in the fast paced world of today. For decades we have been crafting personalized marketing solutions for our customers, everyone from small shops to Fortune 500 companies, we have done it all. 


Michael L Barnett

Chief Executive Officer

Thirty four years and counting at the helm of The Barnett Company, Mike has navigated the ever changing marketing environment for decades. His commitment to excellence has served Fortune 500 Companies and one-man shops alike, consistently providing the highest level of service possible coupled with unrivaled industry knowledge to create the unique Barnett Company charm that has stood the test of time.

Michael R Barnett

Michael R Barnett joined The Barnett Company in 2015 after graduating from Roanoke College with a B.S. in Communications. Michael prides himself on building client relationships around quality customer service and trust. Michael is entrepreneurial minded and is looking to the future to find the best and brightest ideas for both The Barnett Company and its clientele.

Ross L Barnett

Ross L Barnett is a passionate businessman with a mind for marketing. Prior to joining The Barnett Company Ross was an accomplished insurance wholesaler and had a short but successful venture into retail. Ross graduated from Louisiana State University's School of Business in 2016 while working full time throughout his college career. Ross brings to the company a track record of driving revenue and an excitement for growth possibilities in multiple markets.


Our clients are what makes The Barnett Company special. We have 30+ year relationships with dozens of clients, clients who, in some cases, have grown from a handful of employees to thousands strong during our time together. Clients who partner with us stick around, and  that says more about our business than anything else could. We represent industry leaders and hungry start-ups alike and with each client we take great care in crafting a marketing plan that will help further individual brand interests. 

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