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We, at The Barnett Company, understand that approving purchase orders for promotional materials can be a pain. Branch managers sending over requests for dozens of different items and approving them one-by-one is inefficient. For our clients, we offer branded promotional web-stores with only approved products available for order. This way, anyone can place an order and you can rest easy knowing it will be a quality representation of your brand. Our websites are professionally built and maintained. We pride ourselves in web-store orders being processed and shipped in a timely fashion. Simplify your promotional needs by centralizing in a Barnett hosted promotional web-store!

  • Consistent brand messaging

  • One-stop solution for promotional needs​

  • Easily browse between in-stock items with fast turnarounds, ​and custom items with production times

  • Order embroidered apparel or uniforms for your employees or new hires

  • Increase company efficiency by cutting out lengthy product search times and ordering process​es​

  • ​Gather data on inventory burn and branch usage

  • We do ALL the work: web creation, processing/filling/shipping orders, and customer service

Woman browsing an online store because she's online shopping
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