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​Have you been wanting to put together a custom gift ​set ​for a client or employee? Pre-packaged gifts are great, but who has the time to put them together? We do​!​ We handle the packaging for you, so your promotional gifts arrive ready to be handed to their recipients.​ Read how it works below!

Man opening a care package containing promotional products he received from an online store because of order fulfillment services
  • Order multiple promotional items with a team member of The Barnett Company

  • ​The i​tems​ are​ ​printed with your logo and shipped​ directly​ to The Barnett Company office in Baton Rouge

  • We break down​ the​ original packaging and create custom gift​ sets with decorative packaging

  • ​A member of The Barnett Company locally delivers the gifts​ to you, which are ready to be handed out​ to employees or clients​

  • If you're not located in the Baton Rouge area, we happily ship gifts via UPS to your office location(s), employee residences, or events

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